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On Sunday morning, many people the world over will gather in humble homes to worship God.
Most of them will have a similar spirit with no glow on their face, no outward joy.
Many will cry during their testimony as they are crushed by the burden of sin and guilt.
They will pat each other on the back for the great suffering that they must do, in order to be worthy to gather in these humble homes.
They will thumb their noses at anyone who does not meet with them.
Their neighbors have NO idea that they are trying to be Christians. There are few marks of Christ in these cult members.
They do not give to the poor.
They do not help the homeless.
They do not work in the prisons.

Basically, they have received little so they have little to give.
They just have a homeless ministry and meetings in the home, and for them, that is enough to get to heaven, maybe, if they are good enough.

The bottom line on all of it is, many serve another Christ.

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