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  1. Did God love you before you professed? What is the defining quality of a Christian?
  2. How long does it take to become a Christian? How long did it take in the Bible?
  3. What does it mean to "follow Christ"? What does it mean to follow charity? 1 Cor 14:1
  4. How do we receive salvation?
  5. How do we receive God's spirit?
  6. As a soldier, it is easy to recognize a civilian. What is the easiest way to recognize a fellow Christian soldier?
  7. How would you know whether you were salt of the Earth or salt in the saltshaker?
  8. Are ministers to be keepers of aquarium or fishers of men? What is the proper focus of the ministry?
  9. Is your church growing in number? What are some things that would help it grow (Biblically)?
  10. Why are there so few poor (people who can't afford decent automobiles) professing people? Is this biblical?
  11. Which of the seven churches in Rev. 2,3 do you attend?
  12. What does it mean to worship a person? What does it mean to worship God?
  13. What is God's purpose?
  14. We know God smiles, and that He sings, but does He laugh (does he have a sense of humor)?
  15. What sin have Baptists committed that is unforgivable? Why does the blood of Jesus not cover them? Would God necessarily draw the "righteous" ones out of the Baptist church?
  16. Did Jesus have a "companion"?
  17. What does liberty in Christ mean? Paul writes that the "letter of the law killeth the Spirit". How would this be manifest?
  18. Who was Jesus speaking to in John 20:20? Why are we referred to in OT and NT as a "Kingdom of Priests"?


  1. God's love is an everlasting love. Jer 31:3 Christ died for us while we were sinners. Rom 5:8 The defining quality of a Christian is God's presence within. 2 Cor 6:16
  2. It happened very rapidly in the Bible. In Acts, over three thousand were added in one day. Acts 2:41 In the city of Ninevah, over 120,000 people repented. Jonah 3:5
  3. They are one and the same. Don't they both mean to "do things He did"? He talked with, and ate with SINNERS! He helped people who were less than the least, and HE went to THEM! If you love Him, keep His commandments Mat 22:37-39.
  4. Through faith alone. Acts 16:31, Rom 10:10, Rom 11:20
  5. It is a gift from God. Anyone can listen to the best preachers ever, by reading letters of Peter, James, John and words of Christ.
  6. It may be dark, or foggy. The easiest way to know is to see if they are shooting in the same direction as you. Look for those who are loving others. Look for those who are against sin.
  7. Are you loving others? Really? Love is a verb. Love performs good deeds. Acts 10:38
  8. Are people being added to your church? The focus is to be Christ, reconciliation (making friends again)and the gift of grace.
  9. Jesus first met the natural needs of people. Some returned for spiritual help. Consider adorning the doctrine. Consider adding instrumental music to the service which is another biblical way to minister. Ps 144:9
  10. Not everyone can afford to drive 30 miles one way to meeting. This is NOT biblical; there should be poor in the church.
  11. The Loveless Church (Ephesus), The Persecuted Church (Smyrna), The Compromising Church (Pergamos), The Corrupt Church (Thyatira), The Dead Church (Sardis), The Faithful Church (Philadelphia), or The Lukewarm Church (Laodiceans)?
  12. Worshipping a person means that you don't see or acknowledge any fault in them. This is very dangerous because only God is perfect and God is the only one who should be worshipped.
  13. We are created in Christ to glorify God, turn from iniquity Acts 3:26, and for spiritual unity with God. John 17:23 We glorify him through works (good deeds) and witnessing. Acts 1:8 He was speaking to disciples, not just to apostles.
  14. He does have a sense of humor. Look at Mat 15:25-28
  15. Only blasphemy is unforgivable. The blood of Christ covers those who believe in a God who saves the ungodly. Rom 4:5 Confession with the mouth and belief in the heart; requiring anything more is adding to God's Word.
  16. No.
  17. Freedom to be what God made you (exercising the Gifts given to you by God); creativity, cannot flourish in a rule based religion.
  18. He was speaking to apostles and disciples. We are all ministers, going out into the world and using our spiritual gifts to win souls for Christ.

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