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Q: In the context of being a professing member of the "Truth" what does "LOSING OUT" mean?

A: "LOSING OUT" means one is doomed to hell... unless we "return to the fold" (re-profess and actively participate in the 2x2 system again.)


Many of us can relate to the feelings which come to mind when we hear or think of that professing term: LOSING OUT. It is that same kind of feeling you have when you are riding in a car at a high rate of speed and go over the crest of a hill -- and suddenly you 'lose your stomach'!! I remember both that sensation and the one
when so many pieces of the puzzle started coming together about the history, doctrine, rules, etc. of the meetings. I was 3rd generation, our kids the 4th and I believed with all my heart that this was THE way. Eight years ago at the age of 40, I had to face some issues very squarely and I feel God came back for some of the words I'd uttered all my life. I'd wanted a closer walk with God, I had complete faith in Him, I had trust and confidence in Him --- but DID I really trust Him enough to leave this area of comfort, security and launch off to places undiscovered by me before? In doing so, I had to face condemnation from my family, spouse (for awhile) and face the prospect of going it all alone. I asked God more than once, did He really MEAN those promises, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you?"

Thankfully, although it took quite awhile -- I can say that He definitely led me, and He made a way when there seemed to be no way. I know that most of those in the 2x2s think I am an 'enemy of truth' and am headed straight to Hell (without passing go or collecting my $200) simply because I dare to expose some of the things that have happened, dare to talk openly about them, dare to quote scripture, dare to go to another church, and that I dared to leave the ONE TRUE WAY.

I often would think of standing in judgement one day and facing God when He would say to me, "well you stood for something when you were on earth, you had the appearance of a religious person, attended meetings, conventions, special meetings, fed and housed the workers -- but you never really GOT IT, did you? On earth you had the blessings of the 2x2s, but what about witnessing to friends and neighbors in your community? How many times did you promote the group -- but did you promote ME, the Christ who is Savior? Do you think your sad countenance influenced people to be a part of your group? Did you praise Me or worship Me and did you really honor Me?"

I finally came to the conclusion if I really didn't have God in my life -- I had nothing but a form of godliness. It was a difficult decision to live with, but not really such a difficult one to make. There have been many times when I've been made to feel like an outcast from them, but I'm thankful that God does choose those who stand for Him. You may consider yourself 'losing out' but think what you are 'FINDING' in the process.

We've heard those words "LOSING OUT" so often. My prayers are with all of you who may be dealing with the fear which comes along with those words.


Joetta Heiser, Indiana

March 23, 2000

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