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Which church do you attend? Revelation 2,3

The Loveless Church (Ephesus)

GOOD: Known works, labor, patience, hated evil and deeds of Nicolaitans, tested false apostles, endurance

BAD: Left first love

COMMAND: Repent and do the first works

The Persecuted Church (Smyrna)

GOOD: Known works, tribulation, humbleness

BAD: Blasphemy, imposers of law on Christianity

COMMAND: Do not fear, be faithful

The Compromising Church (Pergamos)

GOOD: Known works, held fast

BAD: Doctrine of Balaam and Nicolaitans


The Corrupt Church (Thyatira)

GOOD: Known works, love, service, faith

BAD: Bad doctrine, sexual immorality, ate things sacrificed to idols

COMMAND: Hold fast

The Dead Church (Sardis)

GOOD: Known works, but not perfect works

BAD: People with defiled garments, were alive but now dead

COMMAND: Watch and strengthen what remains. Hold fast and repent.

The Faithful Church (Philadelphia)

GOOD: Known works, some strength, did not deny God's name, keepers of His word, persevered

COMMAND: Hold fast

The Lukewarm Church (Laodiceans)

BAD: Proud, self-satisfied, weak works

COMMAND: Be zealous and repent


  1. Doctrine of Balaam (Destroyers of the people)
  2. Nicolaitans (Overcomers of the people)

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